Haunted Daphne

My husband and I went yard-sale hopping one morning and followed signs into a little area in Daphne we’ve never been.  It’s one of those neighborhoods you pass but don’t give too much thought to.  The houses are cute, the tree canopy is thick and it looks nice but not enough to wonder what’s back there.  Many of the homes run along the main road which is not appealing to me but we were pleasantly surprised with what we found.

Along the way stands this large, definitely out-of-place, two-story structure with stuccoed walls.  Tidily kept as though it is currently used for something, the window shutters were screwed shut, as was the door.  The grass around it kept neatly.  The corner stone, was difficult to read; something about Daphne.

Time passed and I was looking at a cartoon-style map of Daphne with some landmarks labeled.  That building was labeled haunted, so I had to look it up on the internet.haunted daphne 004 (c) eileensaunders

haunted daphne 003 (c) eileensaundersHere’s what I found: During the Civil War the neighboring families decided to put their valuables into a well once they heard the Northern army was heading their way.  A Confederate soldier stood guard but he was shot and killed and the loot was taken.  His spirit is said to haunt the area.  A building was erected in the 1920s over the well. It was originally a grocery store, then a Masonic Lodge.  It is now owned by the Daphne Police Department.  There are a few stories of hauntings you can read about here.

The building sits on Old Spanish Trail behind Riviera Utilities building.  You can access it by turning east on Whispering Pines, then take your first right passed the utility company.

Enjoy the link above. There are more fascinating stories of old Daphne, AL.  You never know what you might find tucked away in a neighborhood.