Snake House

I have a family of snakes living in a weep hole by my front door. Besides the garage door, this little section of wall is the only part of the front of my house facing South that gets sunlight. The other main wall South-facing wall is heavily shaded by trees and my neighbor’s house. These snakes seem to enjoy basking in the sun. They were there yesterday sitting in the garden, all pointing South. This morning they are hanging out of the weep hole just basking. A third, as you’ll see in the second photo, came from the garden across the sidewalk at my porch. One of the snakes hanging from the weep hole went inside before I got the photo taken, but believe me…there are at least 3.

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

snakes 002 (c) eileensaunders

Mom and a 3rd snake on the ground. Baby went inside.

The pest control guy came by yesterday afternoon just as I noticed these snakes. He said he couldn’t do anything about them. He only keeps ants, palmetto bugs, silverfish and spiders from coming into my home. And he does a great job, we were infested with silverfish when we moved in…they’re pretty much gone now.
Back to the snakes…what do I do about them? This is a single family home, not a condo.

4 thoughts on “Snake House

  1. Lorraine

    Maybe you can find something on the internet as to how to get rid of them safely. I’m in PA and have had to deal with all kinds of creepy crawlie things. We once had a bat in the house, a raccoon in the attic and we sometimes get mice in the basement. Various creatures visit our backyard including deer, bear, groundhogs, skunks, rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels, but only on rare occasion have we seen snakes,,,and never one inside the house. We’re moving to the gulf coast this summer and I’m already worrying about giant mosquitoes and palmetto bugs. Now I can add snakes to the list. Yikes! Good luck getting them out of there.

    1. eileensaunders Post author

      It’s not the giant mosquitoes that’ll get you, it’s the no-see-’ems. Add to your list: armadillos (they forage at night and put divots in your yard), moles and mole crickets, and alligators (depending on where you live). Where are you moving to? Hope to hear from you on how you like it down here so please stay in touch. If you plan to garden, check out my other blog I often write about my nemesis, the leaf-footed stinkbug. Such fun.

      1. Lorraine

        I’m moving with my family to Fairhope. I’m not much of a gardener. I kind of like landscaping that takes care of itself…like perennials. My current property in PA is 1/2 acre and just keeping it looking decent is a HUGE job. The house we’re moving into is tiny and the property is small too, so gardening will be a more manageable endeavor should I decide to get my green thumb on. 🙂

  2. automatic gardener

    What a great picture. I am not an expert, but they don’t look poisonous and will eat other crawly creatures. I come across Copperheads in my yard and I just send them away with a squirt from the hose.

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