Beach Sand

I’m a beach sand collector.  Beach sand is different everywhere you go and a collection makes for a great conversation starter with guests.  Florida beaches are not an exception.  From the sugar-white sands of Pensacola to the other side of the state where you’ll find fine, light-grey sand with small shells in Cocoa Beach, there is a huge variety of minerals to walk through.

Siesta Key has powdery white sand.  Turtle Beach has black sand.  Venice Beach has grey sand peppered with a handful of shark teeth in every step you take.  Sanibel is nothing but whole shells.  Palm Beach and points north are a coarse, tan-to-brown-and-orange-colored sand.

Turtle Beach FL

Turtle Beach FL

The further north you go along the Atlantic you’ll find silty sand to coarse-dark sand of all colors.  Some beaches are hard to walk on because the sand is loose, others are easy because it’s compacted with smaller grains.

I urge you to try collecting sand if you vacation in different beaches around the country.  You’ll see a big difference and have a fun time reminiscing your vacations.

Meanwhile, this article may shed some light on the variations of Florida sands.  And for ideas on how to showcase your beach sand collection, check out my Pinterest/Coastal Inspiration page.

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  1. Lorraine

    I have some mason jars filled with sand and a few shells from Orange Beach and Lido Key. When I move to Fairhope, I’m planning on decorating my home with a coastal feel. I loved your Pinterest page so much that I decided to open an account!

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