Siesta Key Lifeguard Stands

Yellow, blue, green and red. These are the lifeguard stands of Siesta Key, FL. They are so beautiful especially when the sun is so bright and the sky is so clear.

I’ve taken dozens of photos of these lifeguard stands and edited one of each with a special effect to make blank, photo greeting cards. These are for sale now on my Etsy store, “Crafty Beachcomber.”

These photos are 4×6 and great for using as cards or framing for your home or vacation house.  Please take a look; I hope you enjoy them.


4 thoughts on “Siesta Key Lifeguard Stands

    1. Eileen Saunders Post author

      Thank you for your interest. Which one would you like? I’ll have a price for you today.

  1. Joe Securo

    I am the beach lifeguard that came up with the idea to paint the stands at Siesta Beach. I physically painted those things by myself for the first time. I did this while working Siesta from 1996-2006. I did it to decrease the number of lost children on the beach. Prior to that all stands where painted Gray.

    1. Eileen Saunders Post author

      Thanks for your story. I love that they are painted brightly. Gotta think of the kids. You are a hero of sorts. They are beautiful.

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