Singing the Blues

While I am currently living in a Gulf Coast state, I am fairly north of where I would rather be. Living away from the coast for just one year so far, I miss being able to stick my feet in the sand any day that I felt like it. I really miss seeing shore birds and there are no sea gulls in the grocery store parking lot here. I miss hearing the ocean, Gulf or Bay water lap the beach and feeling the breeze coming off the water. 198

So today when I woke up I started singing the blues. Here’s my song. Get out your air guitar and sing along.

Got my beach bag packed
and the car’s fully gassed.
Not a cloud in the sky
A perfect day at last.

But I can’t get to the beach
It’s just too far away.
I’m stuck in Taylor again
I’m having a land-locked birthday.

I’ve got those land-locked blues
That hit me every day.
I’ve got those land-locked blues
Got to get away.

I’ve got those land-locked blues
I’ll head back to the coast one day.
I’ll break these land-locked blues
‘Cuz that’s where I’m gonna stay.

(c) eileen saunders