Beachcombing 2015

This was edited to reflect the latest stuff that washed up in FL (12/2015)

Here’s what I have found on the beach this year, 2015:

Here’s what others have found on the beach this year, 2015:

1. large piece of Galileo rocket on Fort Lauderdale beach,

2. pieces of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket wreckage in the Bahamas,

3. an old WWII era M122 Photoflash Bomb near a St. Pete beach,

4. 15 pounds of cocaine on Galveston beach, and then more the following week

5. giant blobs of oil on Padre Island,

6. icebergs on Maine beaches,

7. 12 pounds of marijuana on a North Carolina beach,

8. Japanese glass floats on Alaskan beaches

9. swarms of beached critters at various times of the summer: man o war, red crabs, mystery creatures, seal pups, alligator and more.

10. war bomb on Singer Island. It was detonated

11. Bustello coffee

12. wine

13. ramen noodles

14. dog food

15. laundry detergent

16. message in a bottle

And, the year’s not over. What will you find?