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Houston Texas Art

Back in 2007 we lived in Houston, TX for a brief time. We moved there during the summer and while my husband was at work, the boys and I went exploring. I’d pull off almost every highway exit to find out what was there.

One area we explored was the studio of David Adickes, sculpture artist, and we had a ball that day. David had made oversized sculptures of U.S. Presidents for a President’s Park in Virginia and many extras were parked in the studio lot for viewing.  We were able to explore the parking lot and his warehouse studio to enjoy the huge works of art he is famous for.  We saw statues of the Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, many former presidents and more and later took my husband back to see them.

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I recently read in a Smithsonian Magazine article that the Virginia President’s Park was closed and rather than destroying the busts, a gentleman bought them to store on his farm nearby.

It is sad to me that the Park wasn’t visited enough to maintain it. The art was in need of repair or replacement, too, which was adding to the projected expense so as a business decision, the park was closed. Although we are from Virginia, we haven’t been there in many years and consequently have never visited the park.

David Adickes’ art can be found in Houston so if you get to visit that great city, or live there, I recommend you seeking out these statues.  The artist had to move his studio and the large Beatles statues were put into storage but I haven’t been able to get an update on where they will be relocated.  The new studio is at 2401 Nance Street but I’m told it is not as visitor friendly. I recommend trying to get in anyway.

In the old location, the boys and I drove up to the statues, toured the warehouse and talked to the artist. I am glad we got to see this and hope you can, too.  You can drive around Houston and pick out some other art pieces he had done. I do not, however, have locations for you.

Play Your Ukulele Day 2016

Today, February 2, is “Play Your Ukulele Day.”

What is your favorite song to play on your Ukulele?

In honor of the octopus, one of my very favorite sea critters, click here for ukulele sheet music for the Beatles “Octopus’s Garden.”

If you need something a little more easy with tutorial, here is a learning video for Spongebob Squarepants’s Fun Song.

Gary and I went to Oahu in 2012 and took ukulele lessons. It was fun and when we got back home, we bought a ukulele which Gary plays from time to time.