Sand Castle Friday #14

Turtle Beach…well, not exactly. It’s Siesta Key FL but we found these cute turtle sand sculptures one day.  The artist wanted them protected so there is a wall of sand surrounding them.  So, does this wall keep the turtles in or keep non-turtles out?

Happy Sand Castle Friday.

Sand Castle Friday #13

Another family photo: my oldest son back in 2008 with his sand masterpiece. The sand on Siesta Key FL is so fine that is stays together and packs well for shaping sand castle walls. Check out the doorway to the castle.

Happy Sand Castle Friday.


Hula Lessons

My husband added to our rather large LP collection this weekend with a thrift shopping trip to a small town. While there were several amazing records in that foot-high stack he brought home, the best was a “learn to hula” LP with an instruction booklet.

Guess what I’ll be doing this week.

hula 1hula 2

Sand Castle Friday #11

This castle had some goals. There is a set of steps to a door. There are two buildings behind it. It sits just beyond the reach of the high tide and lasted through the night.

I’m wondering if someone could, in the comments below, write a short story about this once-strong fortress. I’d love to read about it.


Happy Sand Castle Friday.