S is for Sea Glass

One of my favorite things to search for on the beach is sea glass.

Sea glass tells a story like no other common beachcomber’s find. According to Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte, kelly green, brown and white are the most common colors of sea glass.  Kelly green, brown and white area also common colors of beer and wine bottles. White most likely represents clear soda and milk bottles.

So where there’s alcohol, there’s probably a good story. A party on a boat, a ship christening celebration, an afternoon fishing with buddies.

Sea glass also comes from municipalities which used to dump glass into the sea. Glass is made from sand so why not send it back where it came from. I believe there were other reasons, though, the glass was dumped.

Sea glass could also start out as windows, kitchen glass, or anything else glass from homes and businesses that went down in a hurricane.

Sea glass is fun to collect and I encourage you to do so.

S is for Sea Glass