S is for Sail, Sailboat and Sailor

When I was younger all I wanted was a sailboat. Ok, I wanted a horse, too, but never got one. My older brother had some interest in sailing, too, so a few years after I graduated from college, he and I took some sailing lessons then pooled our money (he had more) and bought a little sail boat.  It was a little fiberglass boat with teak accessories. It came on a trailer that we hitched to his car since I had a whimpy little car not suitable for hauling boats.

My brother always loved to work on things so he quickly got to work restoring the teak, scraping barnacles, patching dings, painting the hull and whatever else needed to be done. When we could get together I’d meet him after  work for a little sailing around Middle River in Baltimore and then head home.

It was great fun until we realized our schedules were so different and we couldn’t get together often.  We sold the little boat.

I was then on call with friends who had sailboats when they needed extra crew for races on the Chesapeake Bay. My cousin taught me how to sail a Catamaran so I could fill in for his teammate that couldn’t make a big race in Ocean City, MD.

One day I’ll have another little boat that I’ll share with my husband. We’ll scoot around the Intercoastal or around some tropical island. For now I’m just dreaming.