S is for Saltwater Taffy

Oh, when I was a kid my family would spend weekends and sometimes week-long vacations in Ocean City, MD. After a fun day at the beach, we’d have a seafood dinner and then walk the Boardwalk. We’d shop, play skeeball and that game where you squirt water into a clown’s mouth to blow up a balloon. Then we’d make spin art and ride some rides.

We never left to go back home without a box of Salt Water Taffy.

Going “downey a-shun”, as they say in Baltimore, is never complete without salt water taffy. The assortment of flavors meant arguments on the way home between me and my brothers as we  positioned ourselves for our favorite.  I liked the minty green-and-white striped taffy.  The Licorice flavor was great, too. Mom and Dad also had their favorites but, like most parents, they waited until we had our picks and then took from what was left. And there was always that one flavor no one wanted. I can’t remember what it was; just remember it sat until we decided to throw it out.

Then, we were off to another weekend at the beach.

What’s your favorite salt water taffy memory?

S is for salt water taffy.