S is for Sunglasses

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Especially if you are me. I usually carry a small cross-body purse/wallet and wear my shades but occasionally throw everything in a tote, including my sunglasses and my keys. Uh oh!  All of my sunglasses are so scratched up.

September is a fantastic month to stock up on sunglasses. Usually not a winter accessory, sunglasses are on clearance in September. I have been shopping the sales and collecting what I can that looks good for my face shape.


My newest shades

I don’t understand why sunglasses are difficult to find during the winter months. Except for sunglasses-specialty shops, sunglasses just don’t show up in many stores across the US in the fall and winter.  The sun still shines during the cold months, doesn’t it?  I thought so.  People still need eye protection during these months regardless of the angle of the sun. I think as a fashion accessory sunglasses should be available year-round; but retailers continue to clear them out of inventory during September to make way for hats, scarves and mittens.

Regardless…protect your eyes all year long. Stock up on sunglasses right now while they are on clearance in most parts of the country.

S is for sunglasses.