S is for Swimming

What a great way to exercise, especially in the summer when you can do it outside: Swimming.

Swimming is a low-impact cardio exercise. You can use all of your major muscles and not feel the strain the next day (although you can over do it).

With Labor Day weeks passed most outdoor pools are closed for the year. Some private condo or apartment pools may still be open and if you live in the deep South or Southwest you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor swimming all year. Otherwise, join a club with an indoor pool and get your hydro therapy.  It’s good for your soul to float around. Spend your floating time contemplating how you can take over the world, or at least conquer a personal issue.  Swimming with friends can be fun, too. There should be opportunities at the community pool for water aerobics and other fund aquatic classes.



This is a great time to get your little ones some swimming lessons. A whole school year worth of swim lessons could land your child on a swim team. If not, at least he or she will be ready for the following summer.

S is for swimming.