Little Me… 1960s Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

Welcome to Life Along the Gulf Coast.

I’m Eileen Saunders, self-proclaimed coastal, nature-nut and Master Beachcomber.

From coast to coast to coast around the US, I’ve spent my life playing in sand, observing shorebirds, collecting washed-up stuff on the beaches, raising sea critters with my children and the local 4H, taking boat rides and participating in all kinds of public events to experience the culture and lifestyle.

A Maryland native, I spent my childhood frequently visiting Ocean City, MD. I’ve traveled up and down and lived along the eastern seaboard.

Vacations have also taken me to the US west coast and Hawaii.

Yes, there are 3 coasts and I currently live along one: the Gulf Coast. It’s my favorite because of the warmer weather, warmer water, and diversity of lifestyle from the tip of Key West to the Texas/Mexico border.

When you read my stories, you will learn about fun events to attend, how to pack your beach bag for a day trip, and wonderful seafood restaurants the locals thrive on. You will follow adventures in gardening on the coast (with recipes), growing oyster beds, and birdwatching. And, I’ll have some coastal products to review for you.

I hope to teach you about conservation along the coastal regions, too.

My husband, Gary, and our two sons, Austin & Travis, have enjoyed traveling and living along the Gulf Coast and now reside in Sarasota, FL. I sell beach homes, and Gary has a radio show on WSLR-LP, a local-Sarasota volunteer-run station. He calls it Longboat Luau and it’s a wonderful playlist of tiki, island and surf music peppered with some classic retro songs you’d enjoy at a 1950s Hawaiian beach party. He’s the Ho Dad which makes me Mrs. Ho Dad. Does that make our sons the Ho Dad Boys?

Hope you can tune in on alternating Thursday nights to listen. You can always catch it streaming in the archives.

But, in the meantime, enjoy this website, learn what you can and wait patiently for Beachcomber merch arriving in 2023 and my in-the-works Master Beachcomber class.  Also, check out my Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal available on Amazon. (I make money from your purchase.)

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy my Etsy Shop. All three are called @CraftyBeachcomber.

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