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11 Beach-Themed Gifts for Kids

Why not give some wonderful coastal, ocean or beach themed gifts to the kids (and grown-up kids) on your Christmas list this year?

Here are some fantastic ideas:

1. Bucket and Shovel.

Who wouldn’t love to play in the sand with a cool bucket and shovel?

Of course, the castle-building shapes are just as awesome but most buckets come with handles so a little sand creator can also gather some other items from the water line like sea beans, shells, driftwood and more.

Pick plastic or metal and have the bucket decorated with a child’s monogram, characters or other designs.

Add a beach towel, sunscreen and some other beach toys to get them excited about their upcoming vacation or regular trip to the beach if you live coastal.

2. Gift card to the local aquarium.

For the kid that love sharks, this is a cool gift. Be sure to take a walk through the shark tunnel; most aquariums have them for under-the-shark viewing.

But there is so much more to see at the aquarium, it’s a trip for anyone.

Add in a few extra dollars for a trip to the gift shop.

3. Snorkeling equipment and a guided tour.

It’s easy to find a coastal business that will offer some lessons.

Add a gift card for the adventure or a note with a pledge to take them on vacation at the beach and enjoy snorkeling.

4. Boogie Board or Skim Board.

If you attend the beach regularly, you may want to invest in a new boogie board or one that will last a long time.

Skim Boards are great, too.

Not sure the child on your list is good at using either of these boards?  Many vacation spots have surf stores that will give a lesson in boarding.  Add a gift card from your favorite store.

5. Membership to Surfrider and a tshirt.

For the coastal-activist child or teen, a membership to Surfrider might be a great gift.

Membership fees vary depending on the level of monetary contribution and the premium item you want.

At any level, your child will get a monthly digital copy of the organization’s newsletter, a decal and discount in the online store.

6. Surfing lessons and a surfboard.

Whether the person on your list wants to surf the big waves in Hawaii or just coast along the low ones off the Gulf Coast of Florida, surf lessons for the adventurous will be a hit.


Surf shops in vacation destinations provide lessons so pick a shop where you intend to vacation next year and get a gift card with a description of the classes available.

Throw in a DVD of Endless Summer, and a subscription to a surf magazine.

7. Sticker books and other activity books about the ocean.

There is a plethora of sea-themed books, sticker books, and craft kits available in stores and online for any age child on your list.

Books about sea creatures from DK and other publishers, sticker books about the ocean, books about shore birds, sharks, sea turtles are popular with kids.

For the dedicated teen reader try more in-depth marine science books, books about ocean travelers or high-seas adventures.

Rather than just give one book, fill a basket or box with a set of books and other activities. Wrap it up to make one big gift.

8. Model Sailboat.

For the child that likes to put things together, a model sailboat, model ship or ship-in-a-bottle kit would be a lot of fun.

You can find these in specialty hobby stores and online.

Include a story book or DVD movie about this particular boat so your child can become an expert.

9. A tropical fish aquarium.

Available at pet stores, fish tanks provide a learning experience, a calming effect for everyone watching the fish swim around and teaches responsibility.

Pack the aquarium with all the equipment you need, including a book or two on tropical fish and how to take care of them.

Wrap it all together.

Spend the day learning together about the different types of fish and pick which ones you’ll shop for the next day.

Some fish don’t get along with others, so use the expertise of a pet store aquarium specialist to help you pick your new pets.

10. A beach-cruiser bike.

Along the coast you don’t need the gears on your bike like you use on hills.

A simple beach cruiser will get you from your house to the beach or local beach gift store or restaurant.

Easy to ride, the wide tires make it easy to manage a bike ride on the sand.

Add some accessories, like a helmet, water bottle, flat-tire kit, bell and front basket for extra fun.

11. The Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal

Kids of all ages love to keep lists. This journal is the perfect book for anyone who wants to keep track of what they find on the beach.

The curious child will want to make note of the seashell, shorebird, dolphin, and anything that washes up on the beach.

There are daily diary pages to write down what they did (for example build sandcastles) and what beaches they’ve visited.

A checklist of common North American seashells is also included.

You can find this book on Amazon. Order today.*

*There are no affiliate links in this article but yes, I’ve written The Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal and will make money from your purchase. Thank you for supporting my small business.

Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal

Just in time for the summer: The Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal, a Crafty Beachcomber publication, is on sale.

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The Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal is a beach lover’s companion and a journal-keepers best friend.  Stocked with pages for diary-style note taking, any beachcomber can journal daily findings, adventures, the weather and more.


  • List your favorite flotsam and jetsam.
  • Sketch, draw or paint pictures of your beach treasures on the sketch pages or in the margins.
  • Keep a list of your favorite beaches, beach vacations and bucket list for your next adventure.
  • Manage your shell collection with the sea shell life list featuring common shells from around the world.
  • There are also pages for sea glass and sea pottery finds.

Some sample pages:

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Happy journaling!