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5 Things Every Beach Bag needs

It’s beach season.

Graduations are almost over and folks are heading on vacation.  Others are taking weekend trips for a breath of salt air.  If you are lucky enough to live coastal, no matter where in the U.S., any warm day in the sand will do, right?

So what do you take with you?  What’s in your beach bag?

A popular magazine has a regular feature asking just this question. Problem is, they ask celebrities and their answers, in my humble opinion, just don’t fit the question.  First, a swimsuit is featured.  If I have a beach bag ready to go, my swimsuit and little tunic or sarong is already on me and the bag is filled with things I need.  Second, things like perfume, or even Eau de Toilette Spray, would not be in my bag.  That’s for after my shower, when I get home from the day on the beach.  If I would take “after shower” items, I may as well carry shampoo and conditioner, too, but I wouldn’t. A hat would be on my head, if I choose to wear one. Sunglasses would be on my face. Earrings will be in my ears.  Sandals will be on my feet, and they won’t be $375 variety, either.  Sand is rough on shoes  and sandals, not that I’d wear them on the beach, but if you don’t get all the sand off of your feet, you can cause some damage to your sandals with a little friction from the sand.

So what’s in my beach bag?

My beach bag includes sunscreen, water bottle, small bag for beach combing collectibles, my Kindle in a ziplock bag to keep sand off of it, a waterproof bag for my phone, drivers license, credit card, and car key (I try not to carry a purse or heavy wallet), sometimes a small sketch book and drawing pencil, and my Nikon (in case I want better photos of shorebirds than my phone can deliver). 

My beach bag (c) eileensaunders

But if I were to advise on the 5 things that every beach bag needs, I would say:

1. Sunscreen

2. Water bottle

3. Healthy snack, like trail mix or fruit

4. A good book or your fully-stocked e-reader

5. Towel

What’s in your beach bag?