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Mystery Bones

Last week we went to Boca Grande.  Cool place to visit.  We hung out on the beach just before you get to the Gasparilla Island State Park.  After a while we checked out the Park and the Boca Grande Lighthouse then ate lunch at The Loose Caboose.  The fish basket was tasty. 

On our way out we stopped again at the beach, at some little pull-off parking lot.  A storm was coming so we weren’t going to stay long.  I started beachcombing while the guys jumped in the water.  First I found a large and gorgeous snail shell.  Then, up on the sand, among dried-up sea weed, I found some really cool looking bones.  We Googled skeletons of all the sea creatures we could think of once we got home

and couldn’t find a match.  So today the boys and I went to MOTE, the aquarium in Sarastoa, and asked if anyone could identify the bones.  There must have been about 6 biologists that stopped by to take a look.  Apparently they really dig looking at creature bones.  Some said it could be the jaw of a large tarpon, another said it could be from a whale (since it’s pretty large).  I was referred to USF.  They have a museum and the paleontologists and archeologists might be able to identify the bones better than the biologists. 

It was a fun trip that kept us busy.  I’ll contact USF through email with some pictures tomorrow.  Meanwhile, we’re calling it our sea monster.