October Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2009

imagesWhat an important month.  We celebrate life of cancer survivors; mourn those that lost the fight; pledge to help fight the disease; pray for all families impacted by breast cancer.

Some of us get athletic: 5K Runs/Walks are scheduled everywhere this month. 

Some of us give: donating money to cancer research organizations or families that need help paying for treatment. 

Some of us eat: “dine-out” nights held at restaurants whose profits, that night, go to breast cancer research; and then there’s Yoplait yogurt lids that you can send in to Yoplait and they’ll send money to a breast cancer organization. 

Some of us get creative: making products that, when purchased, have part or all of the profit donated to a breast cancer prevention organization.

Breast cancer is detectable early through regular self examinations and annual mammograms after a certain age, as recommended by your doctor.  A product called Breast Chek Kit can help you with this task of self examination.  It is kind of like “a magnifying glass for your fingers.”  You can find this product by emailing Sandy@sunshineeveryday.com.  Also available to wear your support for a breast cancer cure is a “HOPE Everyday” tshirt.  A portion of the sale will be donated to breast cancer research.  More information about these two items are on this link:  http://www.sunshineeveryday.com/category-s/41.htm 

I’ve had some dear friends with breast cancer.  One very sweet friend, Catherine, is a recent survivor.  Detected extremely early, the cancer was removed and she’s doing fine.  It really pays to self-check and have a regular mammogram.  Mine’s next month.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’m not making a cent by recommending Breast Chek Kit or HOPE Everyday.

Are You Being Served?

I don’t enjoy tv all that much but I do like to watch British comedy on PBS. My favorite has for years been “Are You Being Served?”. I was saddened to hear that Wendy Richards, who played Ms. Brahms, died today. She was only 65 and was taken by breast cancer.

From the AP story, her bio:

” British actress Wendy Richard, whose four-decade television career included roles as a sexy sitcom shop assistant and a working class matriarch on the soap opera “EastEnders,” died Thursday after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 65.

She had parts in several of the cheap-and-cheerful “Carry On” film comedies, and in TV shows including “Up Pompeii!” and “The Likely Lads” before becoming famous as Miss Brahms, a staff member of the fictional Grace Brothers department store in 1970s sitcom “Are You Being Served?”

Richard was known to millions around the world as put-upon matriarch Pauline Fowler in “EastEnders,” a long-running soap set in a close-knit east London neighborhood.

Richard was diagnosed with cancer in the mid-1990s and again in 2002, and learned last year that the disease had returned and spread.

She is survived by Burns, her long-term partner and fourth husband, whom she married in October.”