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Sarasota Events

I just picked up the Fall 2008-Winter 2009 Events and Facilities Guide for Sarasota County Parks and Recreation.  You can get them at any of the public libraries.  If you’re not here yet, check it out on line at www.scgov.net/parks.  On the left side of that page scroll down to the Sarasota County Links and click Parks and Recreation.  You’ll see the book cover and a link to open the PDF file.

There are a ton of events in the county during the Fall and Winter when the snowbirds are here and need things to do.  It’s my favorite time, too, although since I homeschool the boys I can’t make it to all the activities I’d like.  But I picked out a few of my favorites:  Caspersen Beach Walk (I can take the boys on a nature walk aka science class), Brown Bag Concerts at Phillippi Estate Park Thursday’s at noon (music appreciation not to mention a lunch break), The Gulf Coast Mineral, Fossil & Gem Club Show (more science).   There are plenty of things to do on the weekend such as Farmer’s Markets, Arts & Craft Festivals, Fido Fest (for the dog), Christmas celebrations (Lights at Selby Botanical Gardens, celebrations at the Bayfront), Symphony concerts, fishing tournaments, the Sandy Claws Beach Run (December) and of course just hanging out on the beach because its so incredibly gorgeous and the weather is perfect. 

Enjoy planning your Fall and Winter.  My calendar’s getting full already.

Next post: what to do here when it rains.