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Bird watching in Tampa

I went bird watching yesterday in Tampa.  There were all types of seagulls, herons, egrets, pelicans, turkey buzzards, parakeets, doves, sanderlings, plovers.  Then I saw eagles and the Hokie bird.


Yup, we went to the ACC Championship game to cheer on Virginia Tech.  I’m a Hokie by marriage…my husband, a brother of his, his dad, uncles, cousins etc all went there.  Maybe our boys will want to go there too.  They should; they’re big fans and were reciting the Hokie cheer shortly after learning to say mama and daddy.

We met up with some friends for tailgating before and after the game.  It was a lot of fun.

The Hokie Shell

My husband, Gary, graduated from Virginia Tech.  I guess that makes me a Hokie by marriage. 

Well, we’re excited about the football win over the weekend and Gary was able to score some tickets for the Championship game this coming weekend in Tampa.  GO HOKIES!

I love their official team colors: PMS 208 (Chicago maroon) and PMS 158 (burnt orange).  Who came up with Chicago maroon?

The calico scallop, which is fairly common in this area, can be found in these colors against a white background.  The first thing I noticed when beachcombing here was that the beach (in some places) is covered with “Hokie shells.”  I have a nice collection in just this color scheme.

I decided to make a necklace out of the shell and its perfect.  I’ve attached a gold chain which highlights the burnt orange.   Each shell, of course is different; some are more Chicago maroon and some are more burnt orange.neck

If you’d like one, you can leave a comment and I’ll send you purchase info.  I’ll be wearing mine to the game.