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Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal

I am so excited…this book, my book, will soon be published.

The Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal includes journal pages, information on things that wash up on shore, a sea shell life list, favorite beach vacation journal pages and more.

The brain child of me, a beachcomber who keeps lists, this is my ultimate journal. I love to write about what I’ve found, what I’ve collected, where I was and the other things I saw on my beachcombing days. I have even drawn my journal as I scoured the shoreline or sat in my beach chair. I’ve sketched the birds on the shore, the shells I found, the boats out at sea and more. And this journal includes some pages for you to draw on, too.


Probably the cover photo

The Ultimate Beachcomber’s Journal is a book for you to log your beachcombing adventures.

I’m working on the cover this week so bear with me…it’ll be available soon.

Where? On Amazon and through my Etsy store. Keep track of my progress and when you can order your copy by following my facebook page: CraftyBeachcomber.

Happy Beachcombing!