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S is for Salty Air

If you could bottle a fragrance that smelled like salty air, I’d invest in the manufacturer. But it’s probably easier to just move to the coast and enjoy the real thing.

This lovely scent means different things to different people. The smell of salty air brings back memories of vacations, family reunions, weddings on the beach or the honeymoon after.

It reminds me of a way of life: my husband and I have enjoyed raising our boys in several coastal towns. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, walking outside and taking a deep breath of salty air. It hangs around you and floats on the breezes. Sure the salt can coat your cars and patio furniture but that is what I find charming.

Salty air reminds me of my dog, Sundance, who we raised mostly in the coastal towns of Mobile, AL and Surfside Beach, SC. Sundance loved swimming in the surf and perfected the art of body surfing with a tennis ball in his mouth. In Mobile, we would load him into the back seat of our Trooper and drive to Dauphin Island with the windows down. ┬áHe would hang out and relax but as soon as we got to the bridge into Dauphin Island, his head was stuck out the window enjoying that smell. A happy dog he was once we parked and got out. Sundance would beat us to the surf if we hadn’t had him restrained on a leash to walk past the dunes.

S is for Salty Air.