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Casting Call

I found out today that a film is being made this coming Thursday and Friday at Gatorama in Palmdale FL.  If you’re visiting the area or live here and want to be in a film here’s the info:

Gurney Productions (telephone number:  310-271-1197) is holding a casting call for people who would appear in a show being filmed at Gatorama and the Lake Placid area March 5 & 6, 2009.   Anyone interested should send a digital photograph to Dlieblich@gurneyproductions.com by Monday 3/2/09.  A fee of between $0 and $100 will be paid for your time depending on the part you are cast in.

This could be a lot of fun.  We won’t be trying out for any parts, however, because we have so much happening right now that I can’t possibly schedule a day trip this week: history/science fair with the homeschool group; 4H projects that the boys are entering into the Sarasota County Fair (www.sarsotafair.com); speeches that they need to be prepared for for the upcoming speaking engagements the group, Speakers of Sarasota, is scheduled for; and Cincinnati Reds Family outings (my husband works for the Reds and it’s Spring Training this month…All Cincinnati Reds’ staff and most family members are in town for fun events; go to www.reds.com for schedule and ticket info).   But, YOU should send your picture to the production company and try to get your 15 minutes of fame.  Remember the deadline is Monday the 2nd.  Only two days left.

I looked into Gatorama.  Its located just west of Lake O on Rte 27.  Here’s the website: www.gatorama.com.  We, as a family, love gator meat and you can order it through this site as well.  Yum!  What’s it taste like?  Well, chicken, of course!

Good luck to all who try to get a part and to those of you who do…break a leg!