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Octopus on Siesta Key beach

Last time I wrote I told of my experience with the 2″ octopus.  It’s still doing fine in its dead state in a jar in my refrigerator.  My son wants to use it as a prop for an expository speech he has to make in his speech class.  I guess it’ll be another day or two before we dissect it.

The day after I found our little dead friend, my husband was floating along the shore, around access 4 to the beach.  He felt his foot hit something along the bottom and reached down to scoop it up.  It was a large pen shell shut tightly.  The pen shell was just short of a foot long.  He decided to check out the critter inside and when he opened it, there he found a 4″-5″ octopus.  My husband said on the one hand it was really cool to see but on the other it creeped him. 

Our earth is covered in water and filled with all kinds of God’s creatures, which is really exciting.  There’s so much to explore, discover and learn.  But how often does it really cross our minds, when we are having fun at the beach, that these creatures are out there with us; that we’re swimming with them, in their pool?  We have rays, sharks, fish of all kinds, manatees, whales, plankton, all types of gastropods and bivalves swimming and floating around us when we’re jumping waves, or just floating.  Outside the occasional shark bite you may read about from somewhere in this great world, its amazing that we (humans and water creatures) can get along.

I am so glad we have been given this opportunity to see nature that most people just read about.