Sunshine, crystals and rainbows

Each year as the sun seems to swing south in the sky, light streams  into the front of my house at an angle which hits the crystals on my dining room lamp and the house lights up with rainbows.

October 8 was the first day the rainbows started in 2012. The light show ended the beginning of March.  I love waking up to see this spectacular sight before I get my morning coffee but I don’t mind it being over.  Now it’s spring time and the sun is swinging north in the sky.  Soon it will be directly over my house, my vegetable garden will begin to thrive and my husband will be cutting the grass weekly.

I’m psyched.

Rainbows in my house

Twice a year I have the pleasure of finding rainbows in my house.  Tons of them.

As the sun swings to a particular southern bend each Fall and Spring, the rays come dancing through the palladian window above my east-facing, dining room window and bounce off of the crystals hanging from my chandelier.  What abounds is a magical display of colored light only a Disney fairy cartoon could duplicate; but this is real.

Light scattering from my lamp crystals

My house has an open floorplan so the colorful display does not get trapped in one room.  Everyone in the house can enjoy the view together.  I’ve found these rainbows on the wall of my dining room, the lampshade in my living room, across the top of my sofa, centered on the fireplace screen, scattered through out our homeschool classroom and kitchen, and a stray streak brushed across my farthest bedroom wall. 

Rainbows on my back door

The house is so speckled with light and fantasy that one could only tryto wait patiently for the unicorns to start galloping happily throughout.  Well…we have a lively, black dog happily greeting us each morning, but she’s hardly the image of a unicorn.

Rainbows in my bedroom

The light show lasts for about an hour, slowly reaching the ultimate climax of full spectacle, then dimming slowly to an end.  Only to begin the same time the next morning.  I love having rainbows in my house.