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S is for Sea

We all grew up hearing about the 7 Seas but there are many more than just the 7 from ancient times. There are also 5 ocean regions and within each ocean are many additional seas. Seas are also landlocked in many continents.

Did you know there is really no consensus on the definition of SEA? That’s what I read somewhere.

I thought I’d just list the seas around the world here but after looking into it, I think I’ll just pass you along to Wikipedia’s List of Seas.

Then I thought I’d do an story on everything SEA, like SEAweed, SEAgull etc. But, again, the list is long, so I’ll send you to another website for an exhaustive list of words that start with SEA. It includes words like seam (sea+m) but many others in the SEA theme I write about.

If you are a beachcomber you know several of our favorite SEA words: seashell, seashore, seaglass, seabean, seabird, seaweed, seahorse.




10 Signs You Are A Beachaholic

The Huffington Post published an article this week titled “17 Signs You Are Addicted to the Ocean”.

Nice try but as usual I have to put in my 2 cents so here is my list of “10 Signs You Are Addicted to the Beach”:

  1. Your record collection and MP3 downloads are full of beach music
  2. Rainy weekends are spent watching old Frankie and Annette movies
  3. Your dining room centerpiece is a candle surrounded by seashells
  4. The only shoes in your closet are a dozen flip flops, a pair of workout shoes and something to wear to work.
  5. No matter how often you wash your clothes you still find sand in your pocket.
  6. Photo albums only contain photos of beach vacations
  7. Your bucket list is filled with coastal excursions
  8. The Christmas tree is decorated with seashells, star fish and hanging containers of sand
  9. You have a sand collection from all of the beaches you have ever visited.
  10. You are the only one in town with a surf board in your living room.(c) eileensaunders

OK..so I came up with one more:

11. Your beach bag is ready to go, year ‘round, on your car’s front seat, next to the shovel you may need in case of snow.

What are your signs of addiction?  I’d love to hear them.