Snake House

I have a family of snakes living in a weep hole by my front door. Besides the garage door, this little section of wall is the only part of the front of my house facing South that gets sunlight. The other main wall South-facing wall is heavily shaded by trees and my neighbor’s house. These snakes seem to enjoy basking in the sun. They were there yesterday sitting in the garden, all pointing South. This morning they are hanging out of the weep hole just basking. A third, as you’ll see in the second photo, came from the garden across the sidewalk at my porch. One of the snakes hanging from the weep hole went inside before I got the photo taken, but believe me…there are at least 3.

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

snakes 002 (c) eileensaunders

Mom and a 3rd snake on the ground. Baby went inside.

The pest control guy came by yesterday afternoon just as I noticed these snakes. He said he couldn’t do anything about them. He only keeps ants, palmetto bugs, silverfish and spiders from coming into my home. And he does a great job, we were infested with silverfish when we moved in…they’re pretty much gone now.
Back to the snakes…what do I do about them? This is a single family home, not a condo.

Trip to Blakeley Battlefields

Back in March, we went with some homeschool friends to Blakeley Park and Battlefield in Spanish Fort AL.  We had never been and had heard bicycling was great there, so we loaded our bikes along with a friend and his into the car and headed out.   It wasn’t what we expected so the bikes never left the rack on my car.  But, instead we had a blast traveling through the dusty roads and trails and stopping every so often to chase around the zig-zags in the battle field. 

We first stopped, when the paved road ended at a cemetery and looked around.  The site had been there since the yellow fever epidemic, although on one of the grave markers we read that someone died from being kicked by his horse.

We came upon the Union battlelines and the Confederate battlelines and lamented about how creepy it is to think we were standing on ground once covered in death. 

Grave yard at Blakely

Welcome sign

Nick, Austin, Travis and Tanner in the battlefield

Running around

Blakeley was the site of the last battle of the Civil War.  Just two days after Lee surrendered at Appomatox Court House, before word got around, there was a bloody battle in Spanish Fort, AL.

Watch where you're going or you'll fall in one of these...

Underground hide out

A 3 foot long snake on top of the underground hideout...he went in after the boys climbed out. Creepy

more battlefield

We found a nature center where we met up with another family from the homeschool group.  A man working there let us watch a movie about the nature and battles of the area.   Having enough of nature and the carpenter bees that hovered around the outside of the building we set off on another adventure…this time finding the battle fields, hideouts, and the boardwalk along the marsh where we ended up eating lunch.

Apparently the Confederate soldiers hid from the Union army inside this tree. It's huge inside, under the roots.

It was a great day.  Bicycling will have to wait for another outing.